AIIA 2019

18th International Conference of the Italian Association for Artificial Intelligence

Proceedings Springer

Download procedure for participants

You need Chrome or Firefox (or any Mozilla-based browser).

  1. Open DevTools (press F12 on your keyboard)
  2. Select the Console tab
  3. Type the following code (nah... copy&paste it; a description is given below):

$("body").innerHTML = '<a href="" target="_blank" referrerpolicy="origin"> AI*IA 2019 conference proceedings </a>'; $("a").click();

You have now access to the proceedings. Next time, you only need to connect to (or repeat the process). A screenshot is shown at the end of this page to make it clear how to perform this process.

What does it mean?

As a general suggestion, never copy&paste on the javascript console if you don't understand what you are doing. You may leak sensitive data, as session cookies. So, don't do it. In this case, we are selecting the body element and replacing its HTML content with the link to the proceedings that will open a new tab, and provides the domain in the Referer header . After that, we simulate a click on the link that will open the page of the proceedings. Thanks to the referrer information, Springer can recognize us.

Why not a link on the homepage or on this page?

Google Sites don't allow to specify the referrerpolicy of links, and drops the referrer to prevent information leakage.

Is this legal?

Yes, it is. We are accessing the proceedings providing the referral that Springer expect to identify participants to the conference.

Any alternative?

We have unique codes for participants. You need to register to Springer and associate the code to get free-access to the proceedings until 15 December 2019. Please, check first the procedure sent us by Springer. Consider this codes as the last resource, as it is the slowest way to obtain your free-access to the proceedings. Contact us to have your code (give us some time to check your registration in this case).